Who Do You Say I Am: The Catechist's Guide to Jesus in the Gospels by Steve Mueller

The Catechist's Guide to Reading Your Bible: A Catholic View by Steve Mueller


Do you want to know what the Bible is? How to read it? What Catholics believe about it? In a simple, accessible style, Steve Mueller addresses many of the problems and concerns that catechists, parents and adult learners commonly face as they begin their journey of faith through Scripture. This guide is perfect for those who are new to Bible study as well as for those who want to increase their knowledge of the Bible

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Reading Your Bible is a magnificent resource and guide for all catechetical ministers who desire to come to know, understand and deepen their familiarity with God's Word in history and in mystery. It is certain to enrich, broaden and transform our catechetical initiatives.

            -Edith Prendergast, RSC, Director Religious Ed., Archdiocese Los Angeles

Concise and comprehensive, this book can go a long way toward taking away fear of the Bible and educating every reader to a deeper, more accurate and less naive reading of the Scriptures. Catechists and many others will love this book. 

            -Frank DeSiano, CSP,  Paulist Evangelization Ministries, Washington, DC

Every parish catechist should have this excellent practical guide to discover Jesus more deeply by approaching the Bible without fear. Through a process of discovery, planned reading and small-group sharing, both beginning and experienced catechists can develop a deeper understanding of the richness of Scripture. 

            -Joyce Donahue, Catechetical Associate, Diocese of Joliet



The Catechist’s Guide to Reading Your Bible: A Catholic View by Steve Mueller is really not just for catechists involved in faith formation programs.

Any adult would find this book to be a valuable resource to have on the shelf. As the book itself states in the opening pages, we are all catechists in that we share our faith with others.

It is a comprehensive guide, peppered with marvelous quotes from saints and Church documents. Anyone who has tried to buy a Bible and has been confused by all the different options will love the clear guide provided in the section on Bible translations.

There are many books that assist in reading specific books of the Bible, but this book focuses instead on an overview with lots of references if you want to explore more.

Questions for discussion are included with each chapter so if you are organizing a faith formation program in your parish and wish to use this book for catechist formation, you will be pleased.  

Pope Francis has been encouraging all Catholics to read Scripture and become more familiar with God’s word. This book will get you well underway.

Mary Lemire-Campion, Pastoral Associate for Lifelong Faith Formation, St. Agatha Parish, Archdiocese of Boston



The Catechist’s Guide to Reading Your Bible: A Catholic View by Steve Mueller carves a straightforward and easy path for the first time reader to the seasoned disciple. It offers readers courage to journey into the Bible, prepares them for the journey, and ultimately makes the most of their Bible reading within their own personal and unique spiritual paths.

Mueller provides quotes from saints, popes, theologians, and Catholic Church documents to guide and strengthen the reader in knowledge about the Bible. It is thoughtfully organized and visually appealing. It includes charts and directives that are great tools that provide simple direction and insights into the content of the Bible, how to get the most out of your Bible reading, and ways to bring the Living Word of God alive in your life!

In the Women of the Word (WOW), a small Christian Community that I lead at my parish, we began reading this book a few weeks ago. The reflections and questions at the end of each chapter have prompted great conversations among our multi-generational group of women who range in age from early 20’s to the 70’s. It has helped us find new meaning within the Bible, and apply this to our mission of being Christ to our families, Church, and world.

Some of the women from WOW, including myself, are catechists at our parish. The Diocese of Grand Rapids has approved six (6) clock hours of credit in area of professional theology for the reading of this book and filling out the Catechist’s Learning Page from the back of the book for each chapter.

As a busy wife and mother this has been a great way to earn certification credit from the comfort of my own home, with little financial cost, or time away from my family.

The Catechist’s Guide to Reading Your Bible has provided me new insights, deepened my faith, and enriched my life profoundly. I am excited to be sharing it with my friends and I hope you will consider reading this book and sharing it with those in your own faith communities!

Carla Niziolek is director of religious education of Our Lady of Lake Parish in Holland, MI



The Catechist Guide to Reading Your Bible: a Catholic View helped me tremendously in explaining to catechists who feel they aren’t qualified to use the Bible in class.  It’s also been a good resource for the Bible study class I conduct. 

Stella CarlstromParish Catechetical Leader, Parish of the Precious Blood, Presque Isle, ME