The Catechist's Guide to Reading Your Bible: A Catholic View by Steve Mueller
So What’s the Good News? The Catechist’s Guide to Reading the Gospels by Steve Mueller

Who Do You Say I Am: The Catechist's Guide to Jesus in the Gospels by Steve Mueller

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This book situates Jesus in his first-century environment and considers the important relationships that reveal his identity. Then the focus shifts to Jesus’ goal of proclaiming God’s forthcoming kingdom and the significance of his suffering, death, and resurrection. Finally, it offers Christians ways to apply what they gave learned. 

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The Catechist’s Guide to Jesus in the Gospels is a rich, relevant and accessible resource for those in their catechetical ministry, as well as those simply seeking to grow in their faith, understanding of the Gospels and relationship with Jesus Christ. Mueller takes the reader on a journey that facilitates an encounter with Jesus by inviting the reader to encounter Christ not only in his lifetime but here and now, in our culture and in our ministry contexts today. Thus he honors the catechetical approach as one that through content and community seeks to nurture relationship with Jesus Christ.

         —Daniella Zsupan-Jerome, Ph.D.

Steve Mueller takes us not only to the world of Jesus, but to that of the Gospel writers and their first readers. Such a thoroughly researched and clearly organized book will surely be a valuable reference for religious educators and anyone looking to develop both their knowledge of and their relationship with Jesus Christ.
         —Margaret Felice
         Religion Faculty, Boston College High School & Spiritual Writer at