So What’s the Good News? The Catechist’s Guide to Reading the Gospels by Steve Mueller
You've Got Mail: The Catechist's Guide to Reading the New Testament Letters by Steve Mueller

Reassuring Visions: The Catechist’s Guide to Reading John’s Book of Revelation


Reading John’s book of Revelation is a fantastic voyage to the center of our Christian faith. For many people today John’s book is scary and provokes fear, but this Catechist’s Guide to Reading the Book of Revelation shows that for John’s first-century audience the visions he describes did not instill fear but confidence in God’s presence in power to transform our world.

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Mueller's book is well-grounded in contemporary biblical theology and is excellent for personal or group study. I plan to use it for my own Bible study group. It is not a ponderous annotated scholarly commentary on Revelation but a trustworthy pastoral guide for Christians struggling to live as authentic followers of Christ today.
John Dick, international speaker and journalist, is an historical theologian, retired from the Catholic University of Leuven (Louvain).