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A Joyful Journey with Pope Francis: Exploring Twelve Pivotal Documents

By: James H. Kroeger, MM

A Joyful Journey front cover.jpg

Marking the twelfth anniversary of the beginning of Pope Francis’s pontificate, this book presents a brief overview-synthesis of a dozen of his significant documents.


These materials are designed to attract readers to explore the profound insights of Pope Francis.

As brief summaries, they seek to faithfuly capture Francis’s thought and lead to an understanding and appreciation of his wisdom.

In addition, "reflection questions" and "prayer prompts" are provided to foster personal integration. These materials may prove beneficial for pastoral reflection groups, catechetical sessions, personal prayer, or retreat medication. 

Come and profit from a joyful journey with our friend and mentor, Pope Francis!

Father James H. Kroeger, MM a Maryknoll Missioner, has served mission in Asia (Phillippines and Bangladesh) from 1970 to 2022, working in parishes and serving mostly in the education-formation apostolate of seminarians, religious, catechists, and lay leaders. 

Read a sample here.

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